De 66e editie van het festival van Cannes draait ondertussen op volle toeren. De eerste reviews stromen dan ook beetje bij beetje binnen. Sofia Coppola‘s nieuwste prent, THE BLING RING, werd vandaag voorgesteld in de categorie “Un Certain Regard”. De film gaat over een groepje jongeren in Los Angeles die een reeks gewelddadige inbraken plegen in de Hollywood hills. Het verhaal is gebasseerd op waargebeurde feiten, de tieners viseerden bekende sterren online en stolen meer dan 3 miljoen dollar aan luxegoederen uit hun huizen. Onder andere Paris Hilton en Orlando Bloom waren slachtoffers van het groepje dat door de media ‘The Bling Ring’ werd genoemd. Emma Watson, Leslie Mann en Kirsten Dunst doen mee. Het wordt wachten tot november vooraleer we deze in de Belgische zalen krijgen.

Hier is wat de critici in Cannes over de film te zeggen hebben:

R E V I E W S :

Mark Adams, Screen Daily:

An impressively mannered and vividly evocative delve into the glossily vacuous side of fame-obsessed Los Angeles.”

Kaleem Aftab, The Independent:

Coppola’s regular cinematographer Harris Savides (who died shortly after principal photography completed) shoots Hilton’s house like it’s an episode of MTV’s ‘Cribs.'”

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian:

“An interesting surprise.”

Cath Clarke, Time Out London:

“Easily Coppola’s funniest film.”

Robbie Collin, The Telegraph:

“Coppola’s uproarious and bitingly timely film feels every inch a necessary artwork.”

Scott Foundas, Variety:

“Though it lacks the name cast and self-consciously outre style of another recent girls-gone-wild opus, ‘Spring Breakers,’ this lively and fascinating pic should score well with its target hipster demo.”

Graham Fuller, Vanity Fair:

“The girls make ‘Spring Breakers” minxes seem well adjusted.”

David Jenkins, Little White Lies:

“Coppola’s greatest coup here is making it look as if both robbers and victims are guilty of the same lack of control and discrimination.”

Guy Lodge, HitFix:

What’s gratifyingly fresh about the film is Coppola’s refusal to sentimentalize the kids’ crimes as a form of starry-eyed celebrity desire.”

Todd McCarthy, Hollywood Reporter:

“This is a too-cool-for-school portrait of spoiled kids achieving dubious but welcome fame for robbing the homes of young Hollywood celebrities. As such, it will attain a certain stature itself as a cultural artifact but without stirring significant interest artistically or commercially.”

Matt Mueller, Thompson on Hollywood:

Not a failure by any stretch, but Coppola should have been in her wheelhouse with this one so it’s a shame not to see her firing on more cylinders.”

T W E E T S :

Alex BillingtonFirst Showing:

“The Bling Ring – Coppola’s simplistic materialistic excess PSA. Hollow characters, amateur acting, useless story. Wasted potential. #cannes”

Mike D’Angelo, A.V. Club:

The Bling Ring (Coppola): 32. Two words: Who cares?”

William Goss, MSN Movies:

“The Bling Ring: such an esp. damning tale of Generation TMZ as-is that Sofia Coppola hardly has to do much with it, and hardly does #Cannes”

Logan Hill, New York Times:

Very inspired by Sofia Coppola’s Bling Ring at Cannes. (Typing this on Leo DiCaprio’s laptop! OMG.)”

Eric Kohn, Indiewire:

“BLING RING: Kinda silly, but also Coppola’s funniest movie and ironically the last ostentatious of them. #cannes2013”

Matt Patches,

“The Bling Ring: Emma Watson is a riot, Israel Broussard’s a find, and the damning of celeb culture is pointed. #Cannes2013”

Jonathan Romney, The Independent:

“THE BLING RING: shiny and hollow as the name suggests. #cannes2013″

Craig Skinner, Hey U Guys:

THE BLING RING(D+) Good satire doesn’t need character’s explaining it in talking heads. Fun nonetheless but pretty thin & stylistically flat”

Nigel Smith, Indiewire:

“Emma Watson doesn’t play the ring leader in The Bling Ring but she’s the clear standout among the cast with the most to do. #cannes2013”

Neil Young, Jigsaw Lounge:

BLING RING – what was evidently a non-event of a “news” story becomes a non-event of a movie. S.Coppola’s still taken seriously by anyone?”